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Let’s Go (on the) Rangers!
On a trip to Lake Placid this summer, I spotted this sticker in a urinal at Herb Brooks Arena. You know, if nothing else, Herbie taught us to always aim high.
So I did.
O Brother, Where Art Thou?
Something tells me these guys might be related...

Mark “Lady”
left Edmonton and was 
waived by Nashville
before Pens GM 
Jim Rutherford 
called and said 
“I Need You Now.”
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Johan Franzen + James Hetfield = Mule-tallica?

Did you hear me on the Radio PI podcast?

Listen in as Nick Casale and Nick Case—hockey’s answer to Evan & Eva Longoria—talk Devils/Penguins following the 2013-2014 season opener.

Many thanks to the fine folks at
Pens Initiative for inviting me on.

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s/t @BackhandedDevil for the Marty graphic.

Click here for my photographic look Martin Brodeur’s 
last game in a Devils sweater.../Goodbye_Marty.html
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